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Keywords and phrases and workers. Below tokens are invariably viewed as keywords and phrases and cannot be utilized for identifiers

Frustrating keyword combinations

course declares a category

carry out starts a do/while trap (hook with postcondition)

also specifies the part of an if concept which can be accomplished whenever state happens to be fake

false determine the ‘false’ value of the Boolean kind

determine the item being iterated in an about loop

can be used as an infix manager to determine that an importance is assigned to a range, a series or some other organization that describes the ‘contains’ approach

can be used in once expression for a similar intent

mark a kind factor as contravariant

is used as a manager to evaluate that an advantage does NOT are members of a variety, a collection or some other enterprise that determine the ‘contains’ method

is employed in whenever construction for the very same mission

screen declares an interface

is employed in once construction for the very same function

can be used in if expression for a similar goal

nothing is actually a continual symbolizing a subject mention which doesn’t suggest any thing

real determine the ‘true’ worth of the Boolean form

typealias declares a kind alias

typeof restricted to upcoming make use of

val reports a read-only home or nearby variable

var declares a mutable belongings or local changeable

whenever begins an if phrase (performs one of many furnished branches)

while begins a long time trap (trap with precondition)

Silky keyword

Below tokens work as key phrases into the situation if they are appropriate and can also be utilized for identifiers various other contexts:

powerful mention a vibrant input Kotlin/JS signal

price employing the course key term declares an inline lessons

Modifier key words

In this article tokens behave as keyword combinations in modifier records of declarations might be utilized for identifiers some other contexts:

genuine means a platform-specific execution in multiplatform projects

theoretical markings a class or member as conceptual

annotation reports an annotation type

companion reports a companion object

const scars home as a compile-time continuous

enum declares an enumeration

count scars a resolution as platform-specific, expecting an application in system modules.

outside spots a testimony as used maybe not in Kotlin (obtainable through JNI or even in JavaScript)

infix enables phoning a function in infix writing

interior offers making reference to the outer school instance from a nested type

inner markings a statement as noticeable in the current component

out marks a sort quantity as covariant

supersede spots an affiliate as an override of a superclass member

common spots a testimony as obvious just about anywhere

reified scars a type factor of an inline be obtainable at runtime

closed reports a sealed type (a class with confined subclassing)

suspend marks a work or lambda as suspending (usable as a coroutine)

tailrec marks a be tail-recursive (enabling the compiler to change recursion with version)

Specialized identifiers

Listed here identifiers were explained from compiler in particular contexts and can also be used as standard identifiers some other contexts:

area is employed inside a house accessor to refer with the assistance area on the assets

fling a pagamento

Workers and unique representations

Kotlin helps the following providers and specialized emblems:

&& , || , ! – sensible ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘not’ operators (for bitwise procedures, incorporate matching infix works)

== , != – equivalence operators (equated to messages of equals() for non-primitive kinds)

, > , , >= – comparison workers (interpreted to calls of compareTo() for non-primitive type)

[ , ] – found access driver (render to phone calls of use and place )

?. performs a safe contact (telephone calls a mode or accesses home in the event the device are non-null)

?: normally takes the right-hand price when the left-hand worth is actually null (the elvis manager)

: sets apart an identity from a type in conditions

? scratches a kind as nullable

split the variables and body of a lambda manifestation

split the boundaries and repay kind testimony in a purpose kind

classify the condition and the entire body of a when term department

presents or recommendations a hook name

highlights or records a lambda name

; separates numerous records on the same range

$ mention an adjustable or phrase in a string format

substitutes an untouched vardeenhet in a lambda term

substitutes an abandoned vardeenhet in a destructuring declaration