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Investigation users have been 237 boys and you may 248 women (Letter = 485) who were thinking-stated heterosexual

Even though there are uniform and you may convergent scientific literature toward accessory idea as well as the negative and positive reflexes that safe and insecure appearance, correspondingly, bring about within the marriage, no studies was indeed discovered that in addition looked at the fresh variables stated when you look at the this research, exhibiting which ones dichotomously discriminate the fresh new accessory layout along with new magnitude of discrimination. Distinguishing the team from products one to characterizes each of the attachment appearances and demonstrating and this situations have the greatest electricity of discrimination could well be a relevant effect that point out look and you can intervention agendas for couples psychotherapy.

Within experience, the purpose of this research were to assess perhaps the communication, relationship changes, resolution, regularity and you can intensity of issues variables would discriminate individuals with safe and vulnerable connection in the heterosexual dating. Hence, the new theory checked out are that the real Android singles dating site review negative communications, tips out of attack and you may cures, volume and intensity of disputes parameters would characterize men and women once the people who have vulnerable attachment, and the unlock communication, consensus, pleasure, cohesion and you will relationship adjustment, together with arrangement variables create define her or him since individuals with safe accessory looks.


This is certainly a quantitative, cross-sectional data that uses a detailed and you can explanatory framework. Minimal period of men applicants is 20 as well as the maximum try 79 (Yards = ; SD = ). Minimal chronilogical age of lady participants was 18 and also the maximum try 76 (M = ; SD = ) ( Table 1).


1) Sociodemographic questionnaire: The newest questionnaire of your sociodemographic qualities of one’s participants try transmitted away as a result of a survey that have 14 questions you to definitely investigated: many years, sexual orientation, host to household, relationship standing, period of most recent relationship, existence of a past relationships, amount of prior matchmaking, training, doing work away from household, workload, private income, quantity of children and you may religion.

2) Experience in Close Relationship – Reduced (ECR-R-Brazil) ( Natividade Shiramizu, 2015 Natividade, J. C., Shiramizu, V. K. M. (2015). Uma medida de apego: versao brasileira da Experiences in Close Relationship Scale-Reduzida (ECR-R-Brasil). Psicologia USP, 26(3), 484-494. ): The scale assesses the anxiety and avoidance of attachment factors in the marital relationship. The ECR-R-Brazil has affirmative phrases that respondents must categorize on a seven-point Likert scale that ranges from “strongly agree” to seven “strongly disagree”. The scale has ten items, five on the anxiety factor and five on the avoidance factor. In the analysis of the main components of the items of the ECR-R-Brazil carried out in the study by Natividade and Shiramizu (2015) Natividade, J. C., Shiramizu, V. K. M. (2015). Uma medida de apego: versao brasileira da Experiences in Close Relationship Scale-Reduzida (ECR-R-Brasil). Psicologia USP, 26(3), 484-494. , with good data adequacy, Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) = 0.80; Bartlett’s sphericity test, ? 2 (66, N = 4.879) = ; p < 0.001. The final model from the confirmatory factor analysis showed an optimal fit, as pointed out in the study: ? 2 = 101.8; Degrees of freedom (df) = 25; p = < 0.001; ? 2 /df = 4.07; Goodness-of-Fit Index (GFI) = 0990; Adjusted Goodness-of-Fit Index (AGFI) = 0.990; Normed Fit Index (NFI) = 0.990; Tucker–Lewis Index (TLI) = 0.990; Comparative Fit Index (CFI) = 0.990; Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA) = 0.025; Confidence Interval (CI) = 90%. In this study, the ECR-R-Brazil had a Cronbach's Alpha of 0.64 for men and 0.57 for women.

3) Mosmann, C., Wagner, An effective., Sarriera, J. (2008). Good qualidade conjugal como preditora 2 estilos educativos parentais. Revista Psicologia Lisboa, 22(2), 161-182. Recuperado de- ): This new conflict measure is divided into one or two subscales: in the 1st, entitled “conflict-disagreement”, nine items are shown and must be analyzed toward a six-part Likert measure regarding the volume that the causes to have disagreement expressed took place the last seasons, ranging from “hardly ever” to help you half dozen “pretty much every day”. About second subscale, titled “conflict-aggression”, around three items are displayed speaking about this new concentration of issues, such need to be analyzed on a beneficial Likert scale of five products anywhere between “never” so you’re able to five “always”. Regarding investigation to help you adapt the size and style off English so you’re able to Portuguese, good Cronbach’s Leader away from 0.71 try discover. Inside research, Cronbach’s philosophy have been 0.80 for males and you will 0.77 for women.