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Enneagram 1 commitment recommendations. Physiology of a Type 8: You’re maybe not the employer of myself!

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Type Eights are the challengers, the extreme, high-energy go-getter types. As they can seem to be somewhat intimidating, inside they have hearts which can be as soft as anyone’s, they just don’t would like you understand they.

Today I’m continuing the exploration regarding the Enneagram with my type 8 buddy, Stacie Helm and my kind 8 sister-in-law, Ashley Laymon. Stacie was a mom to four kids, a nurse and it is at this time pursuing a masters in Global community wellness breastfeeding. Ashley is a fun-loving aunt to my personal two children. She is currently getting ready to move to Scotland as a missionary. Because you will discover, Eights, like Sevens, simply take a big chew out of lives. Eights posses “an unapologetic attitude toward the pursuit of delight,” according to Beatrice Chestnut from inside the Complete Enneagram. In a bit, Stacie and Ashley will display their own internal connection with exactly what are an Eight is much like.

If you’re new around here and/or new to the Enneagram, take a look at my overview of the Enneagram right here. You’ll furthermore look for links for any other Enneagram kinds.

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Type 8s include challengers on the Enneagram.

Determining Personality of a sort Eight

Eights tend to be intensive, energetic, initiative-takers. They have to clean up close your so that you can feel like they usually have a place with it.

Eights lust after strength – they might be high-voltage real person dynamos who would like to end up being wherever the action and strength are, and in case they can’t look for any, they’ll cook it up.

Eights have actually a need to appear stronger. They just do not like to be controlled and they do not let her guard down effortlessly. They’ll pick a fight with you, perhaps not since they don’t like you, but mostly because they create as you. Challenging will be the ways they relate solely to society.

Richard Rohr sets it this way:

Eights combat as an easy way of producing contact. We refer to it as “confrontational intimacy.” They often times don’t recognize how this type of get in touch with scares other individuals. Since they enjoy struggles, dispute, and confrontation, they feel it’s equivalent for other individuals. They don’t realize that their own hits run below the buckle and generally are frequently difficult endure. Their own enjoy attacking, that they view as “playful,” typically strikes others as hostile attitude, but it’s in fact a form of starting call.

Eights will shield their loved ones to no end. They’ll combat to safeguard the underdogs, the weakened, and down-and-out. They’ve a cardiovascular system for every single prone getting, however they refute their own vulnerability, deeming they shameful and poor and fearing it generates them at risk of assault. The truth is that underneath each of their protective armor, Eights need a heart every bit as vulnerable and needy as anybody else.

Eights need to learn to reconnect and embrace their vulnerability and innocence once more. They should be able to see their particular hearts and figure out how to living honestly and vulnerably. They must trust that they can getting maintained and safeguarded. By beginning their particular minds they’re able to finally permit rest in.

Key Desire: becoming powerful, to protect by themselves, to be in control of their own lifestyle

Simple Fear: to be injured or directed

Operating Motivation: An Eight’s outrage and enthusiasm can’t be skipped plus its their particular major motivator in life that drives these to shield themselves and battle for just what matters in their mind.

Principal problems: Vulnerability, trust, driving rest out, coming off as well harsh or dull.

Main focus: energy, control, justice

Crucial attributes: blunt, intensive, prepared to confront others, typically leaders within industry, can be daunting, immediate, self-confident, edgy, principal, and insensitive. While Eights can happen resentful,

The exact electricity of Eights just isn’t rage or anger, although sometimes it can seem in that way. Somewhat truly a passion and a complete commitment to facts, lives, and fairness. It is a desire for the main cause they believe in, or even the folks for who they think responsible.

– Richard Rohr, The Enneagram: A Christian Attitude

Presents to everyone: Their unique power, cover, and enthusiasm is correct gift suggestions to other people, particularly the weak or down and out. The Enneagram Institute states this to Eights:

The actual energy consist your ability to encourage and uplift visitors. You happen to be at your best whenever you take control and help everybody else through an emergency.

Invitation to progress: Eights must learn how to interact with their particular minds, practise vulnerability in affairs, and view that their particular heart’s significance of worry and recognition. They have to see mercy for themselves, first and foremost, to read and recognize their own weakness, and also as they understand this, increase that compassion to rest. Ian Cron possess this to express to Eights:

…living behind an act of bluster and durability to mask one’s concern with mental damage was cowardly, not heroic. Risking vulnerability and prefer is what takes will.

Through the provider: getting a Type 8

To raised see the inner lifetime of Type Eights, I asked Ashley, my personal sister-in-law, and Stacie, my friend, to share with you their particular experience as Eights as well as how they’ve been using the Enneagram as something for development in her resides.