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Billionaire matchmaker reveals five issues that making lady attractive to people and why insecurities tend to be a huge ‘turn-off’

Matchmaker with the famous and rich Anna Bey enjoys dished on what makes ladies attractive to your seriously cashed-up people.

Relationship during a worldwide pandemic definitely has its problems.

From becoming struggling to meet new-people during lockdowns to information to put on goggles during ‘COVID-safe’ sex from the NSW PlaySafe portal, the matchmaking community appears very different to how it performed last year.

But if you’re looking to improve odds of finding fancy throughout these unsure instances, you might want to make notes from billionaire matchmaker Anna Bey.

In a YouTube videos, Anna – whom created the School of wealth – discussed the 5 issues that make women instantaneously attractive to men.


Relating to this matchmaker, a solid feeling of confidence is a thing the majority of the male is looking in a commitment – and being vulnerable about all of them making is actually a sure-fire strategy to drive them away.

She mentioned: “Guess what can cause probably the most drama around an union? Really, apart from miscommunication, definitely – ladies definitely insecurities.

“A man begins completely 100 percent fantasising about leaving a partnership whenever a girlfriend produces drama when you are worried that he’s gonna keep this lady.”

If this is something your have trouble with, Anna states it is well worth tackling your insecurity head-on and confiding in your mate as opposed to having it in it.

She extra: “The foremost thing is that you notice them because without doubt that is the only method to cure.”


It’s the earliest strategy within the publication – but Anna claims playing difficult to get truly does jobs.

Urging girls not to “obsess” concerning the men they’re watching, Anna said that blokes will instantly grab a lot more of a pastime whenever you’re perhaps not at his any beck and phone call.

She stated: “Their minds include wired to thrive on problems. We mustn’t be accessible to him all the time because he then will not appreciate as soon as if you’re in fact readily available and time you give him.

“the things I in the morning claiming was don’t just sit on the chair all day every day, watching the Kardashians and waiting for the guy to phone. You’re Not probably going to be very interesting to him ultimately because of this.”


Per Anna, males form a stronger connection to women that permit them to be susceptible.

She mentioned: “I absolutely do think that if you generate a space in your union enabling men to essentially talk about his thinking and items that burdens him, they have a tendency to benefits this sort of relationship greater.

“If you will be indeed there by his side, perhaps not judging anyway, you should have men who will open up for your requirements in a fashion that won’t create your wish to make you any time in the future – because he just won’t have any people in his lifetime with whom he can posses these times with.

“And trust in me all males must present these feelings and possess these moments.”


Should you’ve spent when on matchmaking software, subsequently then chances are you will have obtained a weird content (or two) … and it’s because of this exact reason why Anna claims try keeping your criteria high.

She said: “Let myself provide you with some tough appreciation. You may not can demand real regard.

“I’m talking about limitations, position borders. Whenever you ready limitations, you speak a message that says to globally the method that you expect you’ll feel addressed.

“We know we are entitled to enjoy and we have earned kindness and now we actually are entitled to getting addressed like a goddess. So what happens?

“Really, once you send-out that electricity, do you know what occurs after that? That’s the therapy you are really getting. That’s exactly how group, men, lady provided, are going to address you.

“Believe it or otherwise not, there isn’t any quicker means by elevating your very own worth in people’s sight than of the straightforward term borders. And this’s just what tends to make a lady, a high-value woman, and she’s not afraid of demanding respect and place borders.”


As essential as its setting limits, Anna also suggests the woman consumers make use of their unique femininity to fully capture her guy’s interest.

“Nurture him, without having to be a doormat. There’s this concern among some women – they think they should be cold and stiff with people,” she said. “But I think it’s crucial that you see a type of healthier well-balanced relationship, which is the reason why i really believe that it’s crucial to some degree to nurture the person.”

She extra: “Us females, the audience is undoubtedly resting on a cash cow since it is really easy to convince a person along with your womanliness, their like as well as your attention. But once again, maybe not referring to being a doormat, this might be a strong instrument that we’ll usage with nurturing him.

‘This is actually how the guy gets also hooked on the lady by getting that love, that like and practices which he cannot merely have anywhere.“