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An additional group (“other”) was utilized to identify signs that break both the new Proportion or Dominance Condition (Battison, 1978)

Signs have been coded by using the five Indication Types described from the Battison (1978): one-passed, two-given and shaped or alternating, two-passed asymmetrical with the same hands arrangement, as well as 2-passed asymmetrical with different give setup (line Air conditioning). This new Proportion Condition claims that in case your hands for the an indicator move, one other requirement of the hands (e.g., area, hands arrangement) need to be the same, plus the movement must be parallel or in 180° asynchrony. This new Popularity standing states one for the a-two-passed sign, if only one-hand actions, this new inventory off non-dominant handshapes is bound to a single of 7 handshapes (B A S 1 C O 5). Altogether, sixteen cues (17 entries) broken both new Balance or Dominance standards.


Place was split into a couple of categories (big and you can slight), adopting the concepts regarding Biggest Area and you may Minor Region proposed by Brentari’s Prosodic Design (Brentari, 1998). The major Location of the dominant hand in line with your body constructed five possible thinking: head, arm, trunk area, non-dominant give, and you will basic room (column Advertising). Even though some cues-generally ingredients-are created when you look at the several Big Towns, the programming shows just the area on indication onset. Signs might or might not return to the major Location (e.g., Broadcast was delivered near, but not touching, your mind, and that is coded given that that have an excellent “head” location). The newest non-dominating hand was just noticed the big Venue in the event your Indication Style of is actually asymmetrical (we.e., if your non-principal give was stationary). The new Prosodic Model states you to definitely for symmetric/changing cues the advantages of your own non-dominant hand are the same as the ones from new prominent hands.

You can find four Big Places and each Major Area, except basic room, was divided into 7 Lesser Cities (column AE). All the 33 towns and cities is placed in an alternative file named “Trick.csv.” Though of a lot cues are available for the several Slight Urban centers, the newest coding simply has new Small Place in the indication onset.

Picked fingers

Consistent with Brentari (1998), Picked Fingertips (column AF) is actually identified as the group off hands that circulate. The fresh new Chosen Hands is coded simply for the initial totally free morpheme from inside the compounds, and earliest page out of fingerspelled loan signs. When the nothing of the fingertips went, the brand new distinction between chose fingertips and you may low-picked hands try unknown. In such cases, it actually was thought the non-chose hands must be completely unlock or fully finalized (Brentari, 1998). If a person number of fingertips is none completely extended nor completely flexed, this community regarding hands was thought selected. In case the ambiguity was still not solved, the newest Selected Fingertips were individuals who looked foregrounded. The thumb is never ever coded since the a specified fist until it is actually the only real picked finger about sign.


The picked hands have been assigned certainly nine levels of bending in the Prosodic Model (Brentari, 1998). Flexion of your own selected fingertips was only coded on indication start (column AG). The first 7 amounts of bending (coded once the 1–7) more or less map on to an ordinal measure from expanding flexion (step one = completely stretched), as well as the last several levels of bending was “stacked” (flexion of chose fingers changes such as the new fingerspelled letter “K”) and you can “crossed” (brand new hands convergence as with the fingerspelled page “R”).


The trail of motion of dominant hand compliment of x-y-z place are coded just for one kind of way (column AH). Around three categories (arc, circular, and you can upright) corresponded for the “roadway feature” regarding Brentari (1998). A 4th classification, “back and forth,” try just like the “zigzag” direction on HamNoSys program (Hanke, 2004), and you can was applied to code signs having movements one transform tips 180° at least once (e.grams., Hopeless, Tube, TIME) and you may cues having multiple direction transform out-of below 180° so long as the latest direction each and every direction change therefore the amount of this new segment is similar (elizabeth.grams., Bleaching, Serpent, DOLPHIN). Footnote step 3 Cues in the place of a route course was basically coded just like the “nonage” (age.grams., Apple features a wrist-bending action, however, zero path movement). As path actions was indeed limited to those who work in which the give alter status within the x-y-z place, hands rotation and you may inner moves just weren’t coded because way. Even though each other particular path are important phonological features, they were maybe not coded because their discriminant strength appears to be below this new half a dozen phonological attributes utilized in ASL-LEX. However, i plan to hard the existing phonological transcriptions in the future so you’re able to get significantly more great-grained differences between signs. Cues one to didn’t complement these categories otherwise that provided one or more roadway direction was indeed coded because “other” (age.g., Termination possess several line of straight path actions). The size of new path is neglected (we.e., an even path would be short (age.g., ZERO) otherwise much time (e.grams., NORTH). The costs displayed here portray the course of one’s basic totally free morpheme of the sign.